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Photo Documentation

We have extensive built environment photo documentation of parts of Kerala, Gujarat, Karnataka, Northern and Western India, Nepal and Bhutan in South Asia.

In addition, Miki Desai has held an exhibition of black & white photographs on "Portraits of Traditional Dwelling and its Holistic Environment, Gujarat, India" in an international symposium, "Traditional Dwellings and Settlements in Comparative Perspective" at the University of California, Berkeley in 1988. He has also had an exhibition of twenty-five large black & white blow-ups ranging from 40" x 40" to 120" x 80" on themes of "Street Aesthetics" and "Lights and Objects" at the Sanskar Kendra, Ahmedabad, 1974. His photographs have also been displayed at the University of Arizona, Tuscon, the University of Texas at Austin, and in a Street Show in New York City and in Ahmedabad.

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