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This is the focus of our work. The main research areas have been vernacular, colonial and modern architecture of India. In addition, Madhavi Desai has also been involved in the area of gender and the built environment.


The following are the main research projects going on:
  • Women in Architecture in India: Independence, Modernism and Gender (By Madhavi Desai)
  • Domestic Regional Architecture of Gujarat: The Socio-cultural Nuances: 1850 to 1947 (By Miki Desai)
  • Wooden Architecture of Kerala: A Distinct Tradition in the Indian Subcontinent (By Miki Desai)
  • An Inquiry into Gender and Architecture of the Colonial Bungalow Form in Gujarat, India: 1900 to 1970 (By Madhavi Desai)

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The following publications are available:

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